Thursday, May 7, 2015

New book coming!

A new book is coming, it's been a long time coming but it's almost done.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Gulin's Dragon

Sleeping would be deep and easy on the feather mattress Tolwen tucked the blankets in around himself as he readied for a good night of sleep; a few feet away Luther was already slipping into a deep sleep and was beginning to snore. Outside the night had a chill to it yet inside Gulin’s small castle, everyone was toasty warm and satisfied from the feast Gulin had provided. Gulin was a great host to his visitors and Tolwen and Luther were special guests.
The morning came far too early, with the air crisp and clear and the sunlight shining its way into the small chamber. Tolwen was the first to stir but only enough to roll over and turn his back to the bright light. Soon Luther woke and stretched easing both mind and body back from a deep sleep. He looked at Tolwen and for a moment considered waking the sleeping wizard; however, he knew from months of traveling with Tolwen that it was best if Tolwen woke on his own. Luther made his way from the chamber to the hallway then down the flight of stairs to the main hall where he found Lady Larrena setting the table for the morning meal. Luther greeted his hostess, “Good morning my lady.”
Lady Larrena smiled, “Did you sleep well?”
“Yes, my Lady, better than I have in many months.”
“Very good. Please sit and I will have food on the table soon. Where is Tolwen?”
“Still sleeping and snoring like a thunderstorm.”
The two laughed at the thought of Tolwen snoring so loud.
In the small chamber Tolwen was suddenly awakened as he sat right up  in his bed, “No it’s not possible!”
He left the chamber and headed for the main hall, where he found Lady Larrena and Luther. Luther turned to greet his friend but was caught off guard by the look on Tolwen’s face.
 “What is it Tolwen?”, he demanded.
Before Tolwen could answer Gulin entered the hall as well. Both wizards stopped, looked at each other and at the same time said, “Dragons.”

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Attack on Gulin's Forest

The noise in the tavern was above a roar but Tolwen and Luther made their way to the counter, there were no tables open and the bar itself was nearly full. The last few hours of walking had built a deep thirst in the two travelers. Tolwen the wizard considered using his many powers to clear the tavern but he had learned long ago that there was a time and place to use his powers and this was not one of them. While being bumped and jolted by other patrons Tolwen and Luther motioned for the bar maid and ordered two mugs of ale. Tolwen was used to being looked down on by other men due to his height but Luther didn’t like it much for he knew well since traveling with his five foot friend there was more to being a man then the height of a man or the way they dress, the way they talk or even the size of his sword in battle. Luther considered himself lucky to know Tolwen and to be considered his friend. So when a loud mouth soldier made a comment about Tolwen being too short to be in a man’s tavern Luther took offense to it and short of drawing a sword against a professional fighting man Luther was prepared to defend his friend.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

One Evil Wizard

Step by step the two travelers pushed on against the wind and pounding rain.
Luther shouted to Tolwen, “Can’t you make this storm go away?”
“Nobody controls the weather not even a wizard.”
“How about some kind of shelter then?”
“That I can do”, with that Tolwen shouted an incantation and pointed to nearby clearing and steady tent appeared. The two made their way to the tent, once inside they shook their cloths to get rid of the rain and to get the cold from their bones. Tolwen pointed to a large rock just outside the tent and the rock reappeared in the center of the tent and it began to glow and give off much needed heat. The two sat on the ground cuddling about the glowing stone.
Luther said, “No that’s much better.”
“Yes, it sure is better, but I think we need some food to help warm us from the inside out.” With the wave of his hand two plates appeared with meat and fruits.
Luther smiled, “There are advantages to traveling with a wizard.”
“And there are advantages to being a wizard my friend.”
The two sat and enjoyed the bounty of food. After they finished Tolwen said an incantation and mattes and thick blankets appeared. They settled down for some sleep.

As the morning sun raise in the east the walls of the tent begin to bellow and the ground began to shake. Luther was the first to stir and see the tent walls. Luther reached over and shook Tolwen. Tolwen awoke with a start, looking about he ordered Luther out of the tent. Both men scrambled to their feet and headed out of the tent. Once outside with the ground still shaking Luther asked, “What is it?”
“I’m not sure but it feels like wizardry.”
“It must be a very powerful wizard to shake the ground.”
“Yes, very powerful.”

Friday, March 22, 2013

Gulin's Gift

The two travelers went on their way enjoying the light breeze and the sunshine where the trees parted enough to allow the light to shine through. The path was soft and free of stones. Luther watched his companion as Tolwen lead the way for a time, Tolwen was a contradiction within him self, Tolwen spoke of worldly travels yet he seemed more like a child. Luther displaced the thought for he felt it was the unfairness to judge a man he hardly knew.

Both travelers were startled by a sudden movement in the trees; three men appeared from the shadows. Each man had a sword drawn and pointed at the two travelers. Luther and Tolwen reached for their swords but were meant with points of swords inches from their faces.
One man said, “Steady gentlemen all we want is your gold and coin.”
Luther responded, “You’ll find neither here thief.”
Tolwen, said, “Be off we are just poor travelers.”
The man touched Luther’s robe, “These are fine garments for poor travelers.”
Luther said, “You heard my friend, you have picked the wrong travelers to rob. We have nothing of value to the likes of you. ”I’ll be the judge of that, empty your pockets and bags, but first draw your swords slowly and carefully and drop them to the ground.”